Braun Series 7 7893s Review: A Best Shaver for Closeness and Skin Comfort

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Why Buy This Shaver?

For a majority of men, shaving is a very important rite of passage (to some degree). But, for a good number of boys around the corner, shaving can either be annoying or scary, if you don’t know how to do it. Regardless of the reason, it may be time for you to invest in an amazing quality shaver in the Braun Series 7 7893s, ideal for novice entry participants in shaving practice.

Introduction of Braun Series 7 7893s

The Braun Series 7 7893s is probably and most likely able to best separate itself from other shavers around for its dedicated and harnessed focus on wonderful results in shaving but also takes into account doing the shaving without harming or causing discomfort to the skin.

You have got a product that highlights the latest in state-of-the-art technology and is a leader in terms of overall shaving design, features, and quality assurance. And all this is even in the hands of a relative novice who is new to shaving processes and wants to get a convenient, safe, and high standard of the job done.

Braun Series 7 7893s Review


The Braun Series 7 7893s is a product that operates under a high quality of service and delivers on that through the promise of exceptional results in shaving without a compromise made with regards to the overall feeling a user or client may have.

One of the key features and highlights of this product is the cornerstone of many of Braun’s designs that are particularly valuable and essential to the beginner (most of all): state-of-the-art and leadership in shaving technologies.

The product is an adaptation and an ever-open improvement across Braun’s lineup of other product recommendations and one that does not shy away from what makes it stand out in terms of the options you can find out there in the market.

A case in point is this product embraces the Series 7’s consistent feature: close, powerful but comfortable skin-friendly hair trimming (shaving) technology.

With a particular design leading to shaving, this product is able to cut, trim and process more hair than others and it does so under a very convincing (and smooth) clean swoop that does not harm the skin.

Adding to this precision cutting trimmer, this product also has a specialized number of elements in shaving (or step processes) that deliver a thorough clean through and through.

But it does not do this with reckless abandon, the product also has a head structure design that is thin, flexible, and able to move into different areas.

And, thanks to the rounded contour design of the head structure, it is able to fit, adapt and move within, especially in areas that are relatively hard to reach for normal hands or other shavers.

What More?

This product embraces Braun’s shaving technology belief (mantra at this point) that shaving should be first and foremost a pleasurable and safe experience.

Making true to that statement, this Series 7 product focuses on straight lines and with great precision so that you do not have to go and repeat the process over and over again—ensuring a safer cleaning shave at any given sweep.

This is especially important for the conditions of beginners, who in all likelihood (relating here) have more chances of going about shaving as a free-for-all session to just remove hair that is on the face—this is not so and need not be so with this Series 7 product.

And, probably more important is the attention given to its overall design in terms of what is really needed in function, what is really needed for comfort, and what is really needed for the in-context beginner user process (very commendable right here).

This is thanks mostly to the design over at the German designers who dedicate their time and energy to securing a top-of-the-line, high-standard, and most of all, consistent product that is able to secure clean (thorough) and smooth (accommodating) shaving sessions.

The product is also quite sturdy given its weight with good material that maintains itself even in the presence of other materials like foam and water.

With that, you get a shaver that not only performs well, you get a shaver that is custom-made for a lot of different people and beginners but the lifespan of this product can run a good 7 years as well—attesting to a high standard in quality.

Features and Specs:

– 7 years in minimum duration for product performance

– LED Display for Battery Status and for Low Charge Status

– Active-Lifting Technology Flat-lying Hair Capturing Feature

– Rechargeable and Economic Lithium-Ion Battery Material

– 8-Directional Flexible Head for Maximum Face Structure Adaptation

– Within 1 pound of weight

– Four Shaving Processes or “Elements” for a thorough clean shaving

– The straight-line focus for non-repeatable shaves

– Skin-Friendly Close Shaving System

What We Like

  • Powerful, close-to-face shaving but is consistently skin-friendly with its features and shaving process approach.
  • Helpful LED display for battery conditions and status especially for the low-charge state.
  • Is relatively maintenance-free in terms of cleaning and helping catch hair as you shave or trim.
  • The product is noticeably quiet, which must be attributed to its ‘straight-line’ design feature.

What We Don’t Like

  • The difficulty with beards is a given but is improbable depending on the user of the product.
  • The battery life is good and economical but it may not be noteworthy to others.

Final Word:

Overall, the Braun Series 7 7893s is a really good, high-quality service product that works for all levels of shavers but is particularly helpful for novices. Though the design is particularly coming from the mind of an expert shaver, the features are convenient and thorough enough (especially the ‘close shaving’ features) to provide novice shavers with enough comfort while showcasing and highlighting what really goes into a shaving session that is not only clean and smooth but one that does not have to actively circle around facial skin—beginner mistake.

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