Braun Series 9 Original vs. Updated Gold Edition: What Are the Differences?

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Braun Series 9 Original vs Updated Gold Edition

The Braun Series 9 Original vs Updated Gold Edition are both efficient and comfortable razor shavers that both specialize in different shaving technology. Purchasing and investing in a good shaver like those in the Braun series is worth it because all are equipped with properties that will take your shaving experience conveniently. Each consumer has a preferred feature that they would like to have in their shavers, may it be for the main shaving capabilities or for its cleaning properties.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

Braun Series 9 9299ps Gold Edition

Braun series may be the original or updated one that has great features; that is why it could be a tough decision you will jump from the original version to the updated one. When it comes to prices, even though they have quite high rates, they will still be compensated by how the unit works and what it offers. In this article, we’ll compare both units and identify each other differences to know what you buy.

Braun Series 9 9299ps Gold Edition

Braun Series 9 9299ps Gold Edition

●​ Sonic Technology

The sonic technology has the ability to adapt and read the skin condition so that it can automatically adjust the power where it is needed most; this capability is brought by the Intelligent AutoSense Technology property. The Braun gold edition creates 40,000 cross-cutting actions that have the ability to check the hair’s density by 160 times per minute. While the Braun series 9 updated creates 10,000 vibrations that cushion the skin while the shaver glides into the skin.

● Multi Headlock

Both of these two Braun series editions have a MultiHeadLock functionality that has the ability to lock the shaver into five positions to have a more precise shaving, especially when used in hard areas such as under the nose and under the jawline. It makes sure that the shaver heads will just go in straight lines. Check out our complete guide about the Braun Series 9 vs. Braun Series 7 and Braun Series 9 vs. Panasonic Arc 5.

● 10-D Flexible Shaving System

This is the flexible cutting element for both the two series, where it is equipped with a 10-D pivoting head to have a more shaving capacity. The Braun Gold edition has MicroMotion and MacroMotion for increased facial adaptability that allows more skin contact for precise shaving. Both of these units promote a minimize stroking to avoid skin irritations supported by their very sharp blades. In just one stroke, that part of the face or neck is good to go. Each head of the shaver is also equipped with 1,064 ergonomically formed holes to ensure that all hair is captured at an angle.

● Grip for handling

These two units of Braun shaving have a rubberized, textured grip zone accessory and are ergonomically designed to fit any type of hand. The Braun series 9 edition has a handle that follows the curved shape and positioning of the hands to allow you to have control of the shave. The Braun Gold edition has a signature dit pattern to have a secure grip even when used in wet conditions.

● Running and charging time

These Braun series are both equipped with a Li-Ion battery that delivers the power more reliably. Charge it for about an hour and use it in 50 minutes. If you are in a rush and forgot to charge it ahead of time, you’ll just need 5 minutes to charge for one shaving session.

● Display

These units have an LED display for you to see the battery status, when to Clean & Charge the station, lock indicator, and when to change the performance heads. Even though the gold edition is already upgraded, the LED display didn’t change because it is efficient even before. It has a fascinating design that will give you an impression of how sturdy it is with just one look. All of Braun’s shaver has a perfect design that will suit every taste.

● Wet and Dry

Both series can be used underwater, with a gel or foam. It gives a moisturizing and refreshing experience without a decline in functionality. You can soak them up to 5 meters, making it convenient to clean them because you can just rinse it underwater. It is equipped with a skin-friendly precision trimmer that easily slides in the skin for a more accurate sideburn shaping.

● Cleaning System

These two units have a similar cleaning system with a 5-action benefit that Hygienically cleans, charges the station, cleans the unit, dries and lubricates it. It is equipped with an alcohol-based cleaning fluid that aims to remove at least 99.9 % of germs and bacteria trapped in the shaver head in just 5 minutes compared to using tap water where there is no assurance that it is totally clean before your next usage. These units also have the capability to detect when you last cleaned the shaver, so the next time that you will be using it, it will automatically set the mode for optimal cleaning.

What are the Differences

Upon comparing, the Braun Series 9 Original and Updated Gold Edition only show minimal differences, aside from the gold color, these differ significantly in the Sonic technology functionality and the way how handles are made. From an expert point of view, the differences are that these two units do not have a significant change in functionality. Both shavers can do the job efficiently, but the add-ons will enhance the functionality further. You can also check out our list of the best shavers for black men.

Braun Series 9 Original vs Updated Gold Edition – Which is the Best?

Compared to other shaving brands, the Braun series claim that they are able to cut more hair efficiently in just one stroke, making it also suitable for flat-lying hairs. The different Braun series are 100% made in Germany to have premium German engineering quality. If you are already a holder of the Braun series 9 edition and you would like to upgrade to the gold edition, you really need to ponder on it first, especially when you are not encountering any issues with your current unit. However, since the gold edition is equipped with new features, it is also good to try it, especially if it will add convenience. If you are a first-timer, it is good to jump into the gold series right away to enjoy its benefits.

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