How To Clean Clippers: A Way To Clean Out Tools

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A clipper is a gadget or Hair cleaner that we use to cut out excessive hairs on our skin; it is just like a weapon for any barber, useful in almost every type of haircut. In this topic, we would mainly discuss the maintenance of this gadget, for example, how to clean out clippers, remove debris, and dye hair clipper blades.

Common signs your clipper needs servicing:

The hair clipper is a hair cleaner, and it should be hygienic. Dirty clippers can cause some problems for a barber. So it’s more important to replace it at a specific time. Otherwise, it would work cheaply.

As everybody knows, the sign of a good barber is that he will keep his tools fresh to work well. So, he must maintain his tools in the right way. He prefers to buy good-quality tools for haircutting instead of cheap tools. It will be beneficial to him for a long time. But we will discuss common signs your clipper needs servicing.

You should ensure that your clipper is clean and free from debris. If it is not, you have to clean it to make it finer and have a smooth cut. You should keep your clipper intact; it would be bad for smooth cuts.

You should maintain your blades if they are not lubricated. The clipper’s blades should be aligned; if any teeth are missing, it will not provide a safe cut, so if you observe these types of issues. You should maintain them carefully.

Preparation of cleaning:

Clipper cleaning is necessary for any barber to make his profession more successful. If he works well, then he will get more clients. So, his performance depends on his tools. If he maintains his tools, then he can work in a smooth way to satisfy his customers.

So, the preparation method for Clipper cleaning is very important for any barber. First, you have to remove substances and debris from blades that would make the cut smoother.

Keep in mind it’s your clipper, not your shoe polish brush. You can’t just throw it into a box after you finish your work. You should maintain it to make it perform well and clean out leftover hair after every haircut. And put some oil on a clipper one or two times after every haircut.


It is a process to separate a hair cleaner into different parts. In this process, screw pages are removed from clippers, and blades are separated from the heads of the clippers; their parts are separated to place them for the next steps.

It’s a way to ensure that every part of the clipper is free from debris or other substances. You can clean leftover hairs in different parts of clippers to enhance their performance.

Removing Debris:

The clipper is a very important instrument for any saloon. So it should be maintained in the proper way to do best. Removing debris from the cleaner is just a part of making your clipper perform well.

It is just a way to remove dust inside your clipper. You would get a small brush with your clipper, and it would be helpful to remove debris from the clipper.

Cleaning the blades:

The hair clipper cleaning process should be done carefully because it affects your performance. If you keep your blades dusty or rusty, they will not give a smooth cut and disturb your client with painful cuts.

You should keep your tools hygienic to make your effort impressive. It’s just like achieving a possible good result for your customers. You can separate the clipper blades from their heads and rinse them in bleach or alcohol water to clean them.

Sanitizing clippers:

It is very important to sanitize the hair clipper to protect your client from injury. Sanitize your clipper to make it clean from germs, and it’s necessary for good health.

After unplugging and removing every attachment and brushing it properly, just take a small cup of alcohol and carefully pour it on every tooth. Ensure it does not enter any electrical compartment and can damage it. After this process, dry it with a clean towel to make it usable.

Drying and Reassembling:

The clipper should be dried and reassembled after sanitizing. After this, it must be dried with a clean towel, and reassembling this hair clipper is the next step to make it work.

How to clean clippers at home: Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

Hair clippers should be cleaned properly for a good and satisfactory result. We can clean out our clipper like this:

Get a bowl with enough vinegar to drop your blades in, leave them in there for 60 seconds, rinse the blades inside the water, and dry them properly. In this way, the cleaner would perform well.


The hair clipper is an essential tool for anyone at home. If you want to clean out in a proper way at home, you should use alcohol on its blade. Just take a cup of alcohol and drop its blades in the alcohol for a few minutes. It should take at most 3 minutes for an effective result. After that, just pull the blades from the cup, rinse it off, and dry it with a towel.


Hair clippers should be disinfected and cleaned. It would be necessary for any skin issues and will prevent you from any skin injury. Using bleach is cheap and low-cost because it is a perfect Antibacterial agent.

Fill a cup with one teaspoon of bleach and two cups of water. Then, remove the blades from the hair clipper and drop them for a few minutes; it should be at most ten minutes. After that, pull these blades out, drop them into cool water for some time, and rinse them. After that, dry it with a clean towel.


If you are a professional, you should know that Hair clippers need this product. If you see a little bottle with a blue liquid in a barber shop, that’s called barbicide. It’s a sanitizing liquid to clean out hair tools.

To clean out your hair clipper with this liquid, you must have 30 ml of barbicide in 470 ml water. After that, drop your clippers’ blades and soak them for at least 10 minutes. After that, rinse them off into the water. This then cleans and sanitizes your clipper properly.


Hair clippers need oil to work smoothly. But it should not be over-oiled. A little oil should be used on the blade to make it smooth and work well. After sanitizing and disinfecting your clipper, you should put some drops of oil on your clipper blades.

Only a special type like Wahl clipper oil should be used because any other type will damage or clog its parts. Wahl oil would prolong the life of blades and trimmer blades as long as possible.

Air Compressor:

Hair clippers also need an air compressor to remove hair clogging on your blades. This is just the perfect equipment if you don’t need to sanitize your blades and remove hair clogging. It is an excellent way to use it during a haircut.

Soap and Water:

Hair clippers should be cleaned out properly to make them more professional. If this is the first cut of the day, then it would be a good solution to use soap with some warm water to do this job. You can use any dishwasher to do this and scrub the soap with blades to clean it.


Hair clipper spray is just like a clipper cleaner. It is a product used for cleaning and cooling the hair clipper, but there are better substitutes for deep cleaning. Still, you can use it if you need more time for proper cleaning. It can do a temporary job of cleaning and cooling your clipper.

Understanding clippers:

A clipper is an instrument we use to cut out the extra hairs in a larger area, but it does not work very close to the skin. A hair clipper is a tool that is designed to cut long hairs. It performs like a cleaner. Almost every barber needs his favorite hair clipper for better performance to satisfy his customers. But a barber should use clippers of the best quality because cheap clippers can cause a headache for him and his customers. The clippers should have the best features for smooth cutting. Unlike a painful tool, it should be soft and calm for the customer to shave. 

Types of Clippers:

Hair clippers can be classified into three types:

Magnetic clippersMagnetic clippers need magnetic forces derived from copper wire steel. It supports powerful magnetic force with high efficiency. It is very easy to work and has a long period of service. It is used in different saloons.
Rotary clippersRotary is the most potent clipper among the three motors. The speed of its power and blades are the same. A direct current electricity source can drive it.
Pivot clipperA pivot clipper is just like a magnetic clipper. But its speed is not more than a magnetic clipper. It is best for thick and dull hairs. It is so cool to run and has a long-lasting ability compared to the rest of the motors.

Anatomy of clippers:

The hair clipper is like a combination of two sharpened comb-like blades, one placed on the other. It can be manual or electrical to make blades efficient for oscillating.

Maintaining clippers:

Hair clipper maintenance is essential to prolong their life. A Good barber always keeps his tools hygienic and smooth to make his work efficient. If you maintain your tools time by time, they will remain fresh and clean. It is good to wear hair clippers occasionally to make it more professional. If you keep it in good condition, you will achieve the best positive result for a client. You should use the best clipper cleaner, like bleach, Alcohol, and vinegar, to clean it. You will get fantastic results with the use of them.

Routine maintaining tips:

Hair clippers must be cleaned and maintained during work. If you need it in your daily routine, then you have to follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, you should disconnect your clipper; after that, you should clean out different types of dust and hair from the clipper heads and blades with the help of a micro brush.
  • Add some bleach and water in a cup, drop down a blade for 10 minutes, rinse it off, and then pull it out and dry it with a clean towel.
  • You can easily maintain your clipper in your daily routine to act upon these acts.

Storage best practices

Hair clippers should be stored in warm places like lockers or store rooms, making them more reliable. It is necessary to know that the inner part of a clipper should be protected from a damp and cold environment because it can damage your clipper. The heads of the clipper should also be covered because it contains blades.

Troubleshooting Common issues

Some of the common issues are:

  • Overheating is a common problem attached to every clipper. It can be caused by using extra oil, which can cause overheating.
  • Another common issue is when blades are not cutting correctly
  • The next common issue occurs when machines stop working. It is commonly because of some overloaded switch issues.

Blade sharpness:

Hair Clippers should be maintained on time to satisfy your customers well. The blade’s sharpness is necessary to keep it smooth, efficient, and effective for prolonging life. If you are using it personally or at home, you should sharpen its blade once or twice a year, but if you are using it in your saloon, it’s good to sharpen it multiple times a year.

Motor problems:

Hair clipper motor problems can occur because of overheating, which includes many further factors; if your clipper blade is dusty and unclean, it can cause motor resistance and overheating. Another factor can be when you use a clipper for a longer time, which can cause overheating.


Hair clipper rust can harm your clipper like any virus that can harm your computer. Therefore, when maintaining your clipper, you must remove its dust and excessive hairs from the blade. You can soak your blade in bleach water or alcohol for a few minutes to clear the rust. So rust on a blade can overheat your clipper and negatively affect or shorten your hair clipper life.

When to seek professional help or consider replacement

It is advised to replace the clippers’ blades every six months to the year, depending on the model you are buying. You may also get professional help if you feel any problem with your clipper performance.


A hair Clipper is the most essential tool for any barber used as a hair-cutting gadget. It cut out the bulk of hairs on the larger area but not very close to the skin. In this article, we discussed its cleaning and maintenance. Hair clippers can work appropriately for a long time if this tool is maintained correctly.

If a user keeps it clean and hygienic, it can prevent his tool from overheating. We can use a micro brush to clean it and soak it into a bleach or alcohol to sanitize it. After that, if it is not working efficiently, we can seek professional help, and if its blades are not working, we can replace them twice a year. 

A barber who is running a salon should maintain his clipper more efficiently. He should use best-quality clippers instead of cheap clippers. Hair cleaner is like an essential tool for his saloon. He will be able to do a good job, satisfy his customers, and attract them with his fantastic performance. Because clients always love to have hygienic and impressive work.

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