Best Long Beard Trimmers for Perfect Trimming Experience

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Look Good, Feel Good with the Best Beard Trimmer!

To all men out there, grooming oneself is a must for everybody, and sometimes you forget to trim your beard, maybe because you are busy or you don’t have the best tool to use. Is that right? After looking at yourself in the mirror with your fully grown beard, you realize you are not looking good with it, and you must trim it down.


You might have thought at first that a grown beard could be a fashion statement, but not in all cases. There are times when you have to look good and presentable as required by the situation. Don’t you forget that whether you like it or not, people based their judgment on how someone looks; therefore, you need to have the right grooming tools to always look good wherever, whenever.

Let me help you out by giving you the best long beard trimmers. Look into the details carefully to make sure you will not have any regrets about the choice you will be making in the future and have your pick. You don’t want to waste your time and money, don’t you?

Brief Overview

Panasonic-ER-GB80-S-Body-and-Beard-Trimmer-300x300 Panasonic ER-GB80-S Beard Trimmers . Panasonic
. Silver
. 1 Pound
. Stainless Steel
Check Price
Philips-Norelco-Multigroom-Series-7000-1-300x300 Philips Norelco Series 7000-7750/49 . ​Lightweight
. Trimming
. Easy cleaning
. Sleek design
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Wahl-Model-9818-Lithium-Ion-Beard-and-Nose-Trimmer-300x300 Wahl Model 9818 Nose Trimmer . ​Quality blades
. All in One
. 0.8 Pounds
. Stainless Steel
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Remington-MB4045B-Full-Beard-Trimmer-Kit-300x300 Remington MB4045B Trimmer Kit . Remington
. Black
. 1.5 Pounds
. Titanium
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HATTEKER-Beard-Trimmer-Kit-300x300 Hatteker Beard Trimmer . ​Washable
. Hatteker
. 0.45 Kilograms
. Stainless Steel
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Philips Norelco Series 3000 Multi-groom Trimmer Philips Norelco Series 3000 . ​Shipped fast
. Washable
. Black
. Metal
Check Price
Remington-PG6171-Beard-Trimmer-300x300 Remington PG6171 Beard Trimmer . Grooming Set
. Great battery
. Nose Trimmer
. Stainless Steel
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Braun BT3240 Long Beard Trimmers Braun BT3240 Long Beard Trimmers . Great Design
. Good Quality
. ​Functional
. 318 Grams
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Wahl Model 9899-100 Aqua Blade Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit Wahl Model 9899-100 Trimming Kit . Great clippers
. Great battery
. Mustaches
. Stubble
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SUPRENT Long Beard Trimmers SUPRENT Long Beard Trimmers . Washable
. Silver
. Scissor
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Review List of the Best Long Beard Trimmers

1. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Long Beard Trimmers


This best and washable beard trimmer has 39 settings you can adjust to fine-tune your routine when grooming. The dial controls settings come in rubber in 0.5 mm increments from 0.5 mm- 20 mm. When it acquires dirt, you can wash the stainless steel blades with its convenient water drain.

With this product, you don’t need to buy a separate trimmer for your hair, face, and body since Panasonic ER-GB80-S is a 3-in-1 product. It can do all the work for all sorts of hair in your body. Plug it or let the batteries run. To indicate the level of the battery, there is a LED indicator. The handle is rubberized to make gripping and handling comfortable. The design is ergonomic, and the blades are hypoallergenic.

Conclusion: Take the Panasonic ER-GB80-S and let it do its job. You will just be amazed at how it works. That is a guarantee.

What We Like

  • Has hypoallergenic blades
  • ​Works on battery and plugged-in
  • ​Ergonomically and durably designed
  • ​Has easy maintenance
  • ​Comes with 3 comb attachments

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a user-replaceable battery
  • ​Has no charging stand

2. Philips Norelco Series 7000-7750/49 Multi-groom Trimmer


This trimmer is one of the best products of Philips company. It works for the eyebrow, nose hair, and sideburn trimmer. This model is updated, and the battery capacity is much larger. It runs for 5 hours after an hour of charging. It delivers high-quality grooming for any trimming routine. All the attachments and the trimmers are washable.

The Norelco Series 7000 has dual-cut technology, and the system is at its maximum precision. The blades remained sharp for 3 years and were made of stainless steel. They are self-sharpening too. It comes with 23 attachments for any head-to-toe trimming. Rest assured of getting a clean cut on your beard, body, or head hair. Batteries are rechargeable. Also, you can check out our guide for the best stubble trimmers for smooth and comfortable trim.

Conclusion: What are you waiting for? Get this versatile and powerful trimmer that makes you feel great.

What We Like

  • Has a premium and sleek design
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Has 23 attachments
  • ​Has a long battery life
  • ​Gives a very comfortable shaving and trimming
  • ​Easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like

  • ​The storage bag is too small
  • ​Guards are not color-coded
  • ​No charging dock

Philips Multigroom 7000 series 13 in 1, head-to-toe trimmer

3. Wahl Model 9818 Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer


With quality components plus long battery life and easy storage, this trimmer has it all. It has combined three features for a perfect trimmer. If you are in search of a powerful and cordless performing trimmer, Wahl Lithium Ion has it all.

You will not waste your time trimming. It has more torque than the average trimmer. Rust-resistance blades are made of stainless steel. The material is washable. This product comes with a storage case and self-sharpening blades. The lithium-ion makes this trimmer double the torque of others. it is rugged, well-balanced, and cuts hair without pulling your hair.

Conclusion: The next time you want perfectly trimmed hair, get Wahl Lithium Ion right away. It does the trimming just as you want it.

What We Like

  • ​Has various attachments
  • ​Exemplary battery life
  • ​Quality blades

What We Don’t Like

  • Has 6 length settings
  • ​Not water resistant

4. Remington MB4045B Full Beard Trimmer Kit


Get Remington MB4045B a versatile trimmer that comes at a very reasonable price. It comes in a cool look designed for comfort in your hand. In addition, the design is sleek and easy to hold. It comes with one blade of 18-length settings, 3 combs, stubble, medium, and an XL comb. Trim with close-in shaping.

The blades are made of titanium, and they are self-sharpening. The long-lasting battery lets you do all the trimming time you need. It features a zoom wheel that gives you control over the length of your beard or mustache. This trimmer is durable and will last for longer use.

Conclusion: For a quality trimmer at a friendly price, the Remington trimmer is what you need.

What We Like

  • ​Comes with lots of attachments
  • ​Great battery life
  • ​Has a beard brush

What We Don’t Like

  • Has no close shave
  • ​Battery charging issues

5. Hatteker Beard Trimmer and Hair Trimmer– 5-in-1 Grooming


Satisfy your grooming needs with Hatteker Beard Trimmer and Hair Trimmer. This multi-grooming kit has 5 grooming devices for your various grooming needs. Blades of stainless steel are self-sharpening. That means there is no need to put oil and sharpen. It stays sharp for years and cuts hair smoothly.

All the kits and all parts can be washed. Use this product for many hours for the battery can sustain long hours of use. This package comes with a USB charging cord and AC adapter. In front, there is an LED display to know the charging time and battery life as well.

Conclusion: At a very reasonable price, you get to trim various types of hair on your body. You will save money with this product as you don’t need to buy separate trimmers.

What We Like

  • Has an all-in-one grooming kit
  • ​The blades are of stainless steel
  • ​Blades are self-sharpening
  • ​Has adjustable combs
  • ​Has attachment stand
  • ​Good battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • ​No replacement parts

6. Philips Norelco Series 3000 Multi-groom Trimmer

Philips Norelco Series 3000 Multi-groom Trimmer

A trimmer like no other, Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is a 13-in-one grooming kit. It comes with hair clippers, and trimmers for the body, beard, nose, precision, and mustache. There are 1 trimmer comb and 1 adjustable one. It gives styling for your body hair and beard. It charges fast and works for a long time.

The blades are safe and of stainless steel. They work with precision and go close to the skin. This is washable and can be used while having a shower. Use the cordless trimmer. All in all, it has 13 pieces of accessories. What else will you look for in this great product? Besides, it has a nice setup, a cool digital display, and easy-to-change razor heads. Check out our complete guide about the best outline trimmers for excellent line definitions.

Conclusion: There are no other blades like Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer. Imagine having all that you need in just one package. You have it all. You don’t need to buy a single product. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer has it all.

What We Like

  • ​Has a nice setup
  • ​Shipped fast
  • ​Washable
  • ​Fits in the hand
  • ​Very comfortable

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Short battery life
  • ​Too sharp blade

7. Remington PG6171 Beard Trimmer, Grooming Set


Get the most efficient trimmer in a single pack with Remington PG6171. It has various attachments that you can maintain easily. This trimmer assures efficiency and durability. By the way, the attachments are very durable and essential, worthy of your penny. The blades are self-sharpening and easy to clean. In the kit, there are 8 attachments. The battery is sixty minutes after a full charge.

Conclusion: For an economical and comfortable trimmer that functions very well and guarantees a satisfying trimming, take Remington PG6171.

What We Like

  • Has a very functional nose trimmer
  • ​Short charging time
  • ​Great battery life
  • ​Fits the hand perfectly

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery dies
  • ​Some complaints about the design

8. Braun BT3240 Long Beard Trimmers

Braun BT3240 Long Beard Trimmers

This trimmer is easy to use and highly controllable. It fits your taste, style, and choice. Its maximum precision gives you the exact length and contour in a precise cut. There will be no more hassle and mistakes every time you trim. Achieve your choice of a short or stubble beard. A good feature is it is washable. All hair stuck will be washed away.

The blades stay sharp for a long time. It stands for abusive and regular use. The battery is chargeable and long-lasting. You can use it for an hour. It comes with an adapter so you can charge it anywhere. The LED feature reminds you of your battery state. The design is classy and simple for daily use. The handle gives you a strong grip.

Conclusion: Look confident as ever after using Braun BT3240 Beard Trimmer. Have your desired look achieved.

What We Like

  • ​Has a great design
  • ​Comes in good quality
  • ​Works efficiently
  • ​Functional

What We Don’t Like

  • Short battery life
  • ​Plastic material melts

9. Wahl Model 9899-100 Aqua Blade Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit

Wahl Model 9899-100 Aqua Blade Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit

Whether you are in the shower or not, Wahl Aqua Blade works in both situations since it is washable and shower-proof. In addition, it is easy to clean and has précised self-sharpening blades that give superior cutting without wounding your skin. It comes in 4 different and multi-purpose attachments for all your trimming needs. It has a detail shaver, T-blade, detail trimmer, and a rotary personal trimmer.

The kit gives your body hair, mustaches, stubble, ear, nose, and goatees the cut it needs. Worry no more about running out of battery since the battery is powered by lithium-ion guaranteeing a long life. The LED display tells you about the charging status. Has it charged either with a 110 or 220 voltage? In case you didn’t know, this brand is used in salons and barbershops.

Conclusion: Let every man, husband, or boyfriend get their hair trimming satisfaction with Wahl Aqua Blade. They will surely love this.

What We Like

  • Great clippers
  • ​Gives a sharp and clean trim
  • ​High-quality blades
  • ​Great battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • ​No replacement parts
  • ​Guards are cheap and flimsy

10. SUPRENT Long Beard Trimmers

SUPRENT Long Beard Trimmers

Get amazed by SUPRENT Beard Trimmer that you can have at a reasonable price. It is easy to clean because it is also washable. You will get 3 combs for your hair trimmer and 4 clipper combs for hair cutting, plus 4 precision trimmers combs. In other words, you get 4 different looks. The blades have 420 stainless sheets of steel that run and move together.

There is a button for cutter replacement. The battery is lithium-ion powered that runs for an hour. It is nicely designed with a sturdy black finish. You also get a storage bag for easy storage that you can bring with you anytime, anywhere. In other words, it is a great choice for the money you will spend.

Conclusion: No more stress seeing your long beard in the mirror. Here is the best trimmer for your needs. Get all the looks you want anytime you want it.

What We Like

  • Has high-performance blades
  • ​Washable
  • ​Lithium-ion battery
  • ​An hour run-time
  • ​Has adjustable guards
  • ​Charges quickly

What We Don’t Like

  • ​Too slim
  • ​Lacks anti-slip feature
  • ​Issues with the travel pouch

Final Conclusion for Best Long Beard Trimmers

Keeping yourself neat and pleasant is what grooming is all about, and that includes having your beard, mustache, or body hair trimmed. You may not necessarily need to buy expensive trimmers, but a good quality trimmer is a must. With this, you save money and time as you achieve the look you want. Before buying a trimmer, know your specific needs and styles, so there will be no regrets and no self-blaming in the end.

Then by then, you can decide which type of trimmer you want. Go into the different brands of trimmers. Look at the style, performance, and efficiency. Don’t get fooled by design sometimes; we are just attracted by design and not the work it does. Only then that you will be happy and satisfied with the choice you make and smile after seeing how your trimmer works so well.

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