Philips Norelco OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro: Which is Better?

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Norelco OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: There are several electric razors on the market for men. Each one claims to be the best. However, it is often hard to know which is truly the best unless you try it to see if it will work for you. The problem is most of us don’t want to buy something just to test it out.

For this reason, we are going to look at two of the most popular options from Philips Norelco and try to figure out which one may work best for most people. Please join us to see what we discovered when we asked, “Philips Norelco OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro: Which is Better?”

Norelco OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: Which is Better?

Which is Best?

When asking which is best, you have to understand that it does depend on the person who intends to use it. They each have a lot of features that can be useful for some. To begin our comparison, we will first look at some of the features of each.

The OneBlade


This is a personal, electric grooming tool that is designed for men who like having a little stubble or a lot of beards but want both to be nicely trimmed. It can shave any length of hair using a fast-moving cutter. It also has a protective guard to protect your face. To use it, you will choose a different guard, depending on how close you want it to shave. With this electric trimmer, you will not get a very close shave.

The OneBlade Pro

OneBlade Pro

The Pro is also a facial hair trimmer. It promises to be able to cut any length of hair but also promises to not get close enough to cause you discomfort. It features a Li-Ion battery and 14-length settings on a single guard. This means you have fewer pieces to keep up with, which could be great for some people.

To look a little deeper into which one is most able to do what, we will break it down even further. Some of the biggest considerations for men is whether it can work wet or dry, how easy it is to use, accessories, and more.


Both trimmers can be used wet or dry and with or without shaving foam. This is due mostly to the fact that they do not give you a shave that is close to your skin. This eliminates the risk of irritation. You simply hold the blade against your face and the guard or setting that you have chosen will ensure a comfortable shave.

Please Note: pressing hard will not provide you with a closer shave overall. Pushing the cutter firmly just means that you increase your risk of getting injured. We do not recommend this. Read our complete guide about the Philips Norelco 9700 vs. 9850 and 9700 vs 9300.

Ease of Use

These hair trimmers are designed to be very user-friendly. They promise to be comfortable to hold and will glide over your face. You simply need to hold the blade against your skin. Then using gentle pressure and long strokes, you should move it against the grain. The guard/blade will lift your hair and cut it based on your preference. They both have a contour following the head that will pivot as it glides over your face.

Cleaning Difficulty


These two wet/dry trimmers are both designed to be easy to clean. You only have to rinse them under the tap or under the shower spray. With both, you are encouraged to keep the blade clean to achieve the maximum lifespan of your blade. Blades can last up to 4-months if you shave fully an average of twice weekly. To change out the blade, you simply push a button to eject the old blade and put another in its place.

Accessories Included

The OneBlade comes with a handle, one replaceable blade, three combs, a protective cap to cover the blade, and a charging cord. The OneBlade Pro comes with its handle and a replaceable blade, a protective cap, and a charging cord, but it also comes with more. There is a 14-length precision comb, a charging stand, a pouch, and a travel lock.

Charging Times


When it comes to charging time, the OneBlade Pro is best, hands down according to most people. It needs to charge for approximately 1 hour to provide up to 90 minutes of use. There is an LCD display on the handle that will show you the amount of battery you have remaining so that you never run out of power mid-shave.

The regular OneBlade requires about 8 hours for roughly 45 minutes of use. It does not have a display or a battery indicator.

Other Features

The OneBlade promises to provide you with a cutter that moves 200 times per second. It is backed by a 45-day risk-free trial and a full 2-year warranty. It weighs in at 0.16 ounces and measures 2.8 x 5.1 x 8.9 inches.

The OneBlade Pro measures 3.8 x 5.1 x 8.6 inches. It weighs approximately 8 ounces. It has a 5.4-watt motor which gives it more power to shave and trim. Rather than having several guards to ensure you get the length you want; this one features a single comb that adjusts in 0.5mm increments. You pick the number you want, turn the dial, and put it to use.

Norelco OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro – Which Is Best for You?

Deciding which is best in the battle of Philips Norelco’s OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro is not easy to do. They are both high-quality and loved by current owners. It simply depends on what you want from a trimmer.

Both trimmers promise to provide you with trim at whatever length you want. The Pro is more able to do that with a broader range of lengths on a single head.

The Pro is also best if you want to purchase based on charge/use time. The Li-Ion battery makes a huge difference in speed of charge and longevity of use. The LCD battery indicator display also makes it great for traveling. However, if you are only using it a couple of times a week, you may not need a fast charge.

Overall, we feel that both could be a good choice. You simply have to decide what features may matter the most to you and which one delivers them to you.

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