Braun Series 7 740s Review: A Best Shaver for Sensitive & Intensive Skin

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Why Buy This Product?

Definitely, not all shavers are very skin friendly. There are those razors that could hurt your skin excessively and cause allergies or red blotches which is something we don’t want. The good thing is the Braun Series 7 740s addresses this issue. It’s manufactured exclusively for this purpose handling a variety of skin complexions and conditions.

Aside from that, this shaver is easy to use and clean. It’s built sturdily with a comfortable hand grip for multi-angle shaving. Though quite expensive, it’s still a practical option, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Introduction of Braun Series 7 740s

A clean and good looking appearance makes a good impression wherever you go. That is why a man should shave his beard or hairs into his face regularly to prevent heavy and disorganized beard growth that some people find very weird and even dirty.

However, it’s hard to blame these few gentlemen since it’s quite difficult to find a perfect shaving partner, especially for those with sensitive skin types. Well, there’s no need to hesitate and grow that bizarre-looking beard in your face. It’s worth a try to purchase this Braun Series 7 740s electric razor.

This Braun product series highlights its versatility for multiple skin types employing added features to make it useful for those with sensitivities. It’s driven by an enhanced and premiere shaving technology that delivers outstanding shaving quality. It’s absolutely a total shaving package with an add-on trimmer, a travel bag, and a brush as needed.

Braun Series 7 740s Review

Braun Series 7 740s


In terms of shaving quality, this razor is unquestionable. It definitely brings to you undeniable shave performance appropriate for any beard density from low to high-cut beards. However, it’s only designed for use on the face and neck. So, it is not advisable for shaving it into your whole body.

Nevertheless, it innovated with pulmonic technology comprising well-engineered blades to assure that every inch of hair around the face will be cut. Along with that, it incorporates five shaving modes from smooth to turbo motor power. It includes also a trimmer as an aid during shaving. However, it seems to be improperly angled and placed into an awkward position. It’s quite flimsy as well, made from plastic.

As to its design and build, the shaver is quite lightweight measuring less than 15 ounces. It is majorly black polished with a comfortable rubber grip on the sides of its body. Easily noticed, the on/off button is on its front interface. The three LED display for the battery is also incorporated. It’s waterproof and could thrive upon submerging it in a 5-meter-deep of water.

Generally, its body and most of its parts are made from plastic. But nonetheless, it seems to be durable and could even last for more years.

Unlike any other Braun models, there is no corded option for this product. Thus, you’ll really have to charge the device before you’ll use it for shaving.

Braun Series 7 740s


As a note, the package does come with an electric cord so you’ll have no problem with buying one. It includes a lithium-ion battery that could last for 50 minutes long. Charging using the cord takes one hour. However, with this duration, it could barely last for more than a week depending on how frequently you’ll be using it.

It doesn’t have any cleaning kit included in the package. Thus, you’ll have to do it manually. However, the good thing is that it’s easy to clean without requiring much effort. Nevertheless, the shaver is quite expensive. Aside from that, the replacement blades are also quite costly. But nonetheless, its shaving performance is indeed excellently done.

Specs and Features:

a. Intelligent Shaving Technology

It’s an exceptional design through the immersive addition of various technologies to ensure excellent shaving. Above all, it comes with Intelligent Sonic Technology that maximizes the shaving power up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. Additionally, it includes three personalization modes to optimize shaving power to adapt to those which has sensitive skin.

b. Highly Precise Blade and Trimmer

The head which comprises the main blade is an essential part of the shaver. Thus, it should be created highly sophisticated for an efficient shaving activity. Nevertheless, the blade includes an ActiveLift trimmer located on its center that cuts small hairs in the neck and chin portions. On its two upper and lower portions, the Optifoil is intended to boost out hair cutting.

Altogether, the blade is highly attached and engineered for maximum facial adaptability. Aside from that, it includes a pop-up trimmer that could be used for sideburn shaping.

c. Contemporary Design and Build

Weighing less than 15 ounces, this lightweight shaver is built for comfort and reliability. Its heavily black finishes manufactured are mostly from plastic. Its main front interface includes a power button for on/off and three LED indicator lights to induce battery level and mode identification as well.

d. Intuitive Battery Performance

Though it could not be utilized even if it’s corded, its integrated lithium-ion battery could run for the utmost of 50 minutes of shaving. As for charging, it takes an hour to do it through an included electric cord.

e. Simple to Clean

It does not have a cleaning kit. However, Braun’s products are manufactured for convenient cleaning. It’s fully waterproof with a sealed body for easy cleaning under submerged water up to 5 meters depth. In addition, the package includes also a brush and oil to assist you in cleaning.

What We Like

  • Well-Facilitated Menu and Buttons
  • Smartly Designed
  • Long Term Battery Life
  • Effortless Cleaning
  • Flexible Shaving for Sensitive Skins
  • Maximum Cutting Power

What We Don’t Like

  • Pop-Up Trimmer is Awkwardly Positioned
  • Expensive Replacement Blades

Final Conclusion:

Overall, Braun’s product is an all-around shaver intended for varying skin types. Even if, it’s built more with plastic, it’s still durable and lightweight for use. It has a well-engineered design for facial adaptability upon shaving. Corded utilization is prohibited.

Thus, you’ll have to keep cordless and charge the device before using it. If you’re looking for a corded one, then just buy another model as needed. This product may be expensive but quite reasonable for its quality and shaving flexibility. Click here if you want to know which Braun Series 7 is the best.

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