Braun Series 7 790cc Review: A Smart Shaver for Men

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Why Buy this Shaver?

Braun’s premiere shaving brand presents its 7th electric razor series with improved features as compared to its predecessor. It’s highly versatile and ideal for any skin type at any age or complexion. Since its build is durable with a high powered motor to deliver you a clean and manly shave operation. Though this razor will cost you a few bucks, it’s definitely something to look forward to considering its excellent shaving performance and convenience. Definitely, it’s a perfect remedy for every man’s shaving ecstasy!

Introduction to Braun Series 7 790cc

Beards are rugged and sexy. However, a clean look is much sexier to a woman’s eyes. That is why it’s essential to buy a reliable shaver that will ooze out your masculinity to the next level.

The Braun Series 7 790cc is the new trend to a man’s secret shaving cave. Of course, it’s an innovative shaver driven by the most recent pulmonic technology to give you a smart beard-cutting operation. It’s an intelligent design to capture every inch of hair on your face. It’s the definition of extra with five shaving modes that could be interchanged just by pushing a button into it.

Additionally, it’s a wet or dry shaver with a clean and charge station to ensure proper lubrication during shaving.

In fact, this shaver or electric razor is created to address sensitivity as its predecessor model has complained to its users. Aside from that, this model is highly improved for its motor power and speed that you cannot find in its former Braun’s shaver.

Braun Series 7 790cc Review


This techie electric razor is sturdily made for comfort. Its handle is an easily-handed grip with a rubber touch on its edges to assure that one will steadily shave as needed. The main front interface is where the turn on/off button is placed for easy clicking on it upon starting the shave. Also, in the interface two buttons for adjustments on five shaving strengths and modulation.

These settings are designated with a color. Soon, it’s best to get familiarized with these colors to avoid confusion. Below it, a LED display is situated for battery and hygiene levels. Nevertheless, the hygiene level seems to be not too precise. All you have to do is ignore it. The feature isn’t that too important anyway.

Battery operation is not quite an issue. A 50-minute cordless use is intended for travel and multi-purpose activities. Nonetheless, it could be operated corded as needed. Though, the position could be a bit awkward. Thus, it’s best to prioritize the cordless option first before shifting to the corded one.

As to the shaving itself, the device operates efficiently with various power levels that truly manage clean and intricate shaving. Its ideal for use from light to medium-scaled shaving performance. Because of its strong motor, it’s expected that it will be quite loud.

However, it isn’t recommended if you have a long and bulky beard density. It’s also friendly for use by people who have sensitive skin. If you have skin conditions, then this shaver is something worth trying. It is fabricated for versatile use whatever age, skin color, or tone you have.

Our Advice

The cleaning station does its job. However, quality-wise, it’s so-so. It’s not as durable as the shaver itself. It’s made from flimsy plastic quality. Nonetheless, it’s waterproof so doing manual cleaning is also an option for this.

Purchase for blade refill is quite expensive. The shaver itself has a mid-range price. But nonetheless, with its durability and power, like said, it’s still a practical investment for shaving.


The package includes a shaver, a cleaning unit, a cartridge, a travel case, and an electric cord. It is essential that you should be more than 18 years old to purchase this shaver.

To know more about the device itself, here are some features that you should look for. This includes the following;

Specs and Features:

a. Smart and Inventive Shaving Technology

Upon looking at its menu, you’ll eventually notice its high-end LED display and its buttons that are made for shaving convenience. It’s elegantly integrated with Autosense and Sonic Technology ensuring a 10,000 micro-vibration motor handling dense beards.

b. Solid Construction and Contemporary Design

Made predominantly with high-quality plastic, it weighs about 2 pounds edged with black polished rubber for a comfortable grip. Nonetheless, its silver-bodied design incorporates push buttons for five personalized shaving settings and a LED display for battery and hygiene levels. To this end, its head with blades is manufactured from stainless steel for long-term use and water-resisting activities.

c. Sharp and Highly Precise Blades

The blades of the shaver comprise three cutting elements and a single SkinGuard for maximum protection and reliability upon shaving. Nevertheless, its blades are easily replaced as needed. Aside from that, it’s conveniently laid for efficient shaving strokes.

d. Battery Performance

The device could be used either corded or cordless. Normally, it incorporates a 50-minute cordless operation that is easily monitored through the LED display arranged in five different levels. The package includes an electric cord for corded operations.

e. Simple to Clean

To this end, the good thing about this shaver is that it includes a cleaning cartridge (for fresh and fragrant odor) and a unit that cleans your razor in a matter of only minutes from the use of it.

What We Like

  • Easy-to-Use Controls and Interface
  • Sturdy Quality
  • Flexible Shaving Strength
  • Suitable for any Skin Types
  • Waterproof Body
  • Comfortable Hand Grip
  • Long-Term Battery Performance
  • Simple to Clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Blade Replacements are Expensive
  • Inconvenient for Heavy-Looking Beards

Final Word

Overall, this 7th generation of Braun’s electric razor series is an absolute purchase, especially for those people who have sensitive skin. In conclusion, it’s highly flexible and manufactured for longevity and durability as well. Of course, it has a good design and shaves well from light to moderate beard density. Though it’s a bit loud during its operation, it lives up to its reputation of bringing the clean, fresh, and manly shave you always wanted. These are great, hence you also like to check out the review on the series 9 families too.

However, it was a bit expensive. But nonetheless, it’s all reasonable for the outstanding quality and shaving performance that you’ll get from it.

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