Best Tips for Hair Clipper Maintenance – Keep Clippers in Best Condition

Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Clippers!


The best haircuts are those that are done with a set of clean hair clippers. Does that mean you have to run out and buy new ones every so often? No. It simply means that you may need to work a little harder to maintain them.

If your clippers seem to clog easily or don’t seem to be cutting the way they did when they were new, it isn’t time to toss them out. It only means that you need to figure out what is causing them to not cut as well as you expect.

Lucky for you, we have searched to discover what may be wrong so that you can make it right. Our best tips for hair clipper maintenance will ensure that you can keep your clippers in the best condition for years to come.

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Tips for Hair Clipper Maintenance

Some people feel that when you buy a set of hair clippers, you simply need to know how to use them to cut or trim the hair. To some extent, this is kind of true. However, you will have to do a little bit of routine maintenance to protect the clippers, and save yourself money. Some of the most important considerations are listed below.


One of the most important things you can do for your clippers is to keep them clean. Doing so if you use them frequently on a consistent basis is a given for most people. Think of your barber and how often they clean their clippers. However, what we fail to think about is that we need to clean them before and after each use if we only use them occasionally, as well. It is an easy way to keep the blade sharp and provides protection from germs and bacteria. Trust us, you do not want an infection because your clippers scuffed your neck!

To clean properly, you will want to start with a brush. Most kits come with a soft bristle cleaning brush. You can use it or any other fairly soft brush. This will get rid of a majority of the hair that may be trapped inside. Even a toothbrush can work. Your only goal is to remove as much of the hair clippings as you can.

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There are 5-in-1 liquids like “Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner” that are designed for home users. You can also use cooling clipper spray, which provides a double bonus. When using clippers, they can get hot very quickly. Too much heat can cause burns, especially when giving someone a close fade hairstyle or something similar. The cooling spray will cool them down instantly, add a little lubrication, and even help you to sterilize the clippers. Andis Cool Care Plus for Clippers is undeniably one of the best according to most people.

Deep Cleaning

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Once you have removed all that you can see, you will need to use a liquid solution to remove what remains inside of the clippers. Andis Blade Care Plus and Barbicide are the products that many pros use. It lubricates, prevents rust, and decontaminates. You only need to dip the clipper head into the solution, turn it on, and allow it to run for 20-30 seconds, or until nothing more flows out of it.

If you do not have clipper blade wash, dish soap, water, and even shampoo will also be effective at cleaning your blades. To sanitize, you can use 1/4-part alcohol in water and repeat the process of running your clippers. Ideally, the alcohol you choose will be higher than 60%. If you don’t have this, white vinegar can also work.

To dry, you can hang them and wipe them off with a paper towel.

If you are uncertain that you can get your clippers clean enough, you can take them to a professional to have them cleaned. However, this isn’t necessarily the easiest or most cost-effective option.


Oiling hair clippers is almost as important as cleaning them, and according to some people, maybe even more important. However, you have to choose an oil that will work effectively to protect your clippers. Most professionals say that you should oil clippers after every use.


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There are many different oils available that are specifically designed for clippers. They all have one thing in common. They are low viscosity, which means they can withstand very high temperatures without breaking down quickly.

If you do not have clipper-specific oil available right now, olive oil or vegetable oil can make a good improvisation, but we do urge you to consider getting actual oil as soon as possible. It only takes a few drops to protect your blade, so they do not rust or corrode. It also lubricates to ensure smoother performance.

Not sure how to apply oil to your clipper? Follow the instruction below:

  • Step 1: Apply a drop of oil to each corner of the blade, a drop in the middle, and a drop to each side.
  • Step 2: Turn on the clippers and let them run for several seconds. This will spread the oil around.
  • Step 3: Wipe away any excess oil to ensure that dust, dirt, and clippings do not get gummed up inside the clippers.

Properly Aligned Blades

Hair clippers are designed to have a sharp blade to remove hair. Therefore, it should not surprise you that they can stop cutting because of misalignment. This can cause it to nick or cut the person who is receiving a haircut. How do you know the blade is safe to use?

To check, you have to hold the clippers sideways and look down their length. The blade should be parallel, but slightly back from the teeth tips. All the teeth should be straight across as well. If imperfections are noticed, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the blade. It doesn’t have to be loosened completely. You only need to wiggle the blade to put it back in the right spot. The easiest way to ensure the proper placement is to put the taper lever all the way up and work the blade until it is straight.

Once this is done, you will need to be careful tightening the screws to make sure you do not displace the blade. When it is secure, look again to make sure it lines up and you may even turn it on while running your finger over it to feel for possible rough areas.

Check Blade Sharpness

Prior to the First Cut

When you get started trimming hair, the last thing you want to do is discover that your blade is not sharp enough to finish the job. How do you prevent this from happening? You should not cut your client’s hair without checking things out, right?

Though this is true that no hair for testing if we don’t perform the first cut, you still can check your clippers. The easiest way is to take a string that fits between the clipper’s teeth and see if the blade will cut it. Cotton string is the best and all you need to do is set the string, turn it on, and see what happens.

Another way that it can be done is to find an old towel or a furry costume. You can tell if the blades are sharp by their ability to cut this different type of material. The theory is, if it can cut cotton, it should be able to cut much thinner hair.

Please note, that using clippers on anything other than hair can cause them to lose their sharpness. Therefore, we do not encourage you to do anything more than a quick test and even that should only be done rarely. Blades will not normally fail without use, so unless you see rusty areas or some other problems, your blade should be fine without testing.

Routine Check

Either way, if you feel that your blades are less than sharp or there is a risk for snags and pulls; you can sharpen them. To do this, you need to clean and dry them. Then use a whetstone. In fact, two will give you the best results. You can use 3,000 grit and 8,000 grit.

To begin, soak the 3,000-grit whetstone in room temperature water. Disassemble the clipper blades and clean them again if needed. Using a permanent marker that is easy to see, you will want to highlight the flat surface of the blades. This side is what cuts your hair because it will rub together. The marking gives you an idea of how much you have whittled it down.

Then sharpen the blade combs and the blade being careful to not injure yourself. A good starting point is 15 passes on each side.

Repeat with the 8,000 grit and reassemble after the set has been washed and dried again. You can also repeat doing both sides if it has been a while since you sharpened.


After you have done your hair clipper maintenance, it will be time to store them. They should only be put away once they are completely dried out. The same thing should be said for your different cutter guards.

Most clipper sets come with their own storage container. This container, with all the pieces and parts, should be kept in a cool, dry area. This will ensure it does not become contaminated. You should also put it in an area that will not allow it to fall from a dangerous height.

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If you do not have a storage bag or box for your clippers, this does not mean you are doomed. It simply means that you need to find one. Any box or makeup bag will work, within reason. However, you can also pick up a storage space based on what type of hair clippers you have.

Additional Tips for Your Cordless Clippers

Caring for cordless clippers will require the same basic hair clipper maintenance as corded ones. However, they do come with one extra consideration if your clipper is battery-powered. To extend its battery life, you need to ensure:

  • your clippers are kept in cooler areas
  • not always stay on the charger
  • fully charge before the first use
  • prevent complete battery drainage


Hair clippers are a wonderful thing. They allow us to tackle our own hair care needs at home, which can be very important with our busy schedules. With them, even novice hair stylists can keep their hair trimmed and neater than ever.

We hope that our best tips for hair clipper maintenance have helped you feel more confident about taking care of your clippers. By following our recommendations, you should be able to keep your clippers in the best working condition, which will extend their lifespan. It will also save you money in the long run. Also, you can check out our complete guide for the best men’s short hairstyles here.

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