Our Beginner’s Guide How to Use Hair Clippers In 2023

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Hair Care Basics 101: Anyone Can Use Hair Clippers Successfully

How to Use Hair Clippers: With all that we have going on, we may not always have time to go to the barber shop or the hair stylist for our hair care needs. However, not all of us have been to barber or beautician schools to figure out how to “properly” cut hair.

Clippers can make it easy. Though some people feel that there is no way they could ever use them effectively. We have good news for you!

It isn’t hard to learn and anyone can do it, especially with help from our beginner’s guide to using hair clippers you can go from a zero to a pro very quickly. You simply need the right tools, an idea, and the determination to try!

Tools Necessary for Cutting Hair with Clippers

You don’t need a lot of tools, but the tools you choose to have available should be based on what makes you feel most comfortable. However, a basic outline of the things you need should include the following items.

Good Quality or Mid-Range Clippers

When cutting hair with clippers, your success will often depend on their quality. The higher-quality sets often have attachments that make it easier for you to get the length that you are going for. You may also want to choose a set that has a decent warranty backing it. If you prefer to go cordless, pick the one with good battery life too.

Scissors or Hair Cutting Shears

Kind of like not all clippers are created equally, not all hair-cutting scissors are either. You may think that any scissors will work, but this is also not true. Hair-cutting scissors are designed to have less separation between blades and are usually very sharp. By choosing higher-quality scissors, you and the person whose hair is in your hands will have a more stylish, professional look.

Hair Dryer

A hairdryer can actually serve dual purposes. One, it can speed up the drying process to ensure that it is the length you were going for. Two, it can make sure that all those hair clippings are gone so you don’t end up spreading them all over the house.

Other Considerations

Cutting hair without a comb is always going to be questionable. It can help you ensure that curls are held straight and that everything is the same size. If the hair you are cutting is longer, it can also help you separate it into sections easily.

A salon cape, vacuum, neck shaver, and any lotions you might want to use afterward should also be considered before you break out the clippers. The salon cape can lessen irritation, the vacuum will make cleanup easier, the shaver will ensure you don’t have an uneven hairline on the neck, and the lotion can soothe slightly irritated skin.

With these tools, of decent quality, within your arsenal, you will be ready to set out and learn the techniques behind perfect haircuts for the men, children, and even some women, in your life. Once you have done it the first time, you may even wonder why you spent so many years paying the professionals! It is easier than most of us ever imagine.

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Easy Steps How to Use Hair Clippers

When cutting hair, your first step should be to make sure that it is clean. Haircare products, oily hair, and other things can clog the clippers and make it uncomfortable for the person getting their hair cut. The choice of whether you cut hair when wet, damp, or dry is a personal one. You will find people who say that cutting while wet is not good and those that say cutting it dry is also bad.

Once you are certain that the hair is ready, you should set up your haircut space. You should begin with our four easy steps.

Step 1: Get everything you need in one area. The clippers, the comb, the scissors, and everything else. If your clippers have different combs, try to plan which comb you want to use to get the desired length. On average, the middle of a road-length comb will be best to start because it is easier to cut it shorter than it is to put it back.

Step 2: Make the person receiving a haircut comfortable. This may include a comfortable chair to sit on, a towel or cape around their neck, etc. Now is also a good time to cover the floor if you want to ensure hair isn’t trapped in your carpet for years to come. Don’t forget to make yourself comfortable, too. Choose a chair height that means you won’t have to spend your time bent over the other person’s head.

Step 3: Take a look at the person receiving the haircut. Notice how their hair grows. In a perfect world, you will shave against the direction of your hair. This means starting at the base of their head and working your way up if you want an even cut. Maintain a firm grip on the clippers and go apply firm pressure as you move from the base of their skull and up.

On the sides, you can repeat only starting at the ears and working carefully all around them. Repeat the process until hair is evenly cut, keeping in mind personal preferences.

If someone prefers hair to be longer on the top, then you obviously shouldn’t trim there with as much force. It may help to roll the clippers as you reach the longer hair and then trim with the way the hair grows to blend the hairstyle.

Please note, you can also use scissors to blend in the shorter hair with the longer stuff on top. This is easiest done by using the comb and rolling it outward, then cutting with scissors. When using scissors, you will need to comb, trim, and check repeatedly to ensure that everything is even. The more even it is, the more professional the haircut will look.

If your plan is to buzz cut the person’s hair completely, you should start with the clippers at their forehead and move toward the crown of their head.

Stop occasionally to ensure that you comb everything out and have an even trim. Hair does tend to move when using clippers. If you don’t make sure it is all even, you will end up with a very rough-cut hairstyle that may look unappealing.

Step 4: Most hair trimmers have guards that allow you to cut longer lengths, but when you get finished with the hair and everyone is satisfied, you can move on to trimming the hairline. This means making sure the area around their forehead, neck, and ears is level. You can do this with scissors or clippers and no guards.

Beginner’s Guide How to Use Hair Clippers

Recommended Hair Styles to Consider When Beginning:

Unsure of what you can do with a pair of clippers? Here are some awesome hairstyles that can be done with relative ease. Kids, men, and women can all have a buzz cut that looks great. Here are our most favorite hairstyles for beginner hair stylists.

1. How to Use Hair Clippers for Crew Cut Style

This boy’s hairstyle is very close on the sides and slightly longer on the top. It will keep them cool in the summer months and make it possible for them to spend their day playing, not grooming.

2. Ladies Side Pixie

Boy in the Back, Girl in the Front. A short and stylish women’s hairstyle that is pretty easy to achieve. It is easy to maintain, cool, and even perhaps a little fun. For the sassy woman, we have a very sassy hairstyle. It may not be easy to achieve if you are just starting to cut hair, but with a little trial and error, you may be able to come up with something close. With that said, it is a great hairstyle for straight or curly hair. Each one will create a different look that may be enjoyable to the person wearing it.

3. Messy Undercut Style

This manly haircut is well-groomed in the back and kind of messy in the front. It has a layered look that may be best suited for men with straighter hair. One of the best things about it is a finger comb through and you are ready to get on with the day ahead.

4. Ivy League Gentleman’s Hair

Men who aren’t afraid to put a little effort into their hair may enjoy this style. It is very long on the top and very short all around. Add a little styling gel and it will stay where you want it, even if you want it up.

5. Combed Back with Slick Back Style

The man with this hairstyle can go from playing hard to fancy dining with very little effort. It is sophisticated and fun. Short where it needs to be short and just long enough on top to give him styling options.

6. Modern Quiff

This male hairstyle has layering that starts very short and gradually gets longer, yet each level blends well. The slight curl of his hair on top creates a style that is uniquely his, but most young men will have a hair type that works well in this style.

7. High and Tight

The skin on this man’s head fades into his haircut. It is a hairstyle that is ideal for someone who wants to wake up and get on with their busy day. It is simple to maintain and will mean a longer time between trims.

8. Classic Side Part

Although not a hairstyle that every man may want, it can look awesome on teens and young adults. It may require the use of hair gels to hold its shape, but this is a minor inconvenience for how cool it looks.

9. The Short Spiky Cut

Haircuts do not have to be extreme. This basic gentleman’s haircut is basically the same length everywhere but still looks nice. Proving that skin doesn’t have to show for it to be a polished hairstyle. Messy or combed, it will work well, either way, you want to wear it.


As you can see, it is possible to tackle hair care using a set of good clippers. You do not have to be a professional to give your family a haircut that will look awesome. You simply have to decide that you are ready to try and find a willing subject that will let you experiment on their hair. The beauty of clippers is that they are forgiving to work with. As long as you work carefully and start with a longer guard, you really cannot mess it up.

With our beginner’s guide to using hair clippers, you can go from a zero to a pro when cutting your family’s hair. It may be a little trickier to cut your own, but with practice, even this may be possible. We simply want you to try. It will save money in the long run, even if you do spend a little on quality clippers and all the other necessities to get started. You will also like to read the best tips to keep your clippers in good condition.

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